Hunting Safari’s

*Hunting accommodation is booked seperately, per consession.

Big 5 Hunting

The traditional South African Safaris is 7-14 days in duration, with our focus on animal`s of trophy quality or good representative of the specific animal to be hunted as requested by the client.

Plains Game Hunting

The traditional South African Safaris is 7-14 days in duration, with our focus on animal`s of trophy quality or good representative of the specific animal to be hunted as requested by the client.


Trophy handling is of high importance to all staff and they are therefore well trained in all required field preparation. The Hides are chemically preserved and tagged with your name and the transport to our local Taxidermist is free. Taxidermist costs will be covered by the client before ant trophy can be transported to your choice of destination. Hezekiah Safari’s will arrange for your trophies to be safely and legally exported.

Services and Trophy handling

Escorting services of a Professional Hunter
Hunting, skinning, handling and dispatch services
Appropriate transport
Catering facilities
First aid and Fire fighting services
Staff services

General Info


  • Visitors bringing firearms into South Africa for the purpose of hunting will be asked to fill in a SAP 520 temporary import application which can be downloaded from the SAPS website at:, or it can be filled out on arrival (filling in the form beforehand will save processing time at customs). Temporary import permit will be valid for 90 to 180 days at no charge.
  • Firearms must accompany the hunter upon departure.
  • Not more than 100 rounds per firearm are allowed


  • Identity and flight details
  • Passport
  • Return airline tickets
  • Proof of export from country of origin
  • Proof of ownership
  • Firearms licenses, documentary proof, ect. (In case of a USA citizen, a 4457 form can be obtained from your home town police station and to be completed. In the case of a British citizen a firearm certificate will suffice.
  • Complete a SAP 520 form in the necessary blocks with black ink only. (Kindly note that this form must only be signed in the presence of a police officer at the airport).
  • Invitation letter from outfitter, with outfitter permit number on the invitation.
  • Motivation letter from client.


  • Your Professional Hunter (PH) is the authority in charge of the complete safari and in control of the camp and staff. If there are any disagreements or complaints, please discuss it in private with the PH during the hunt.
  • Local Game and firearm laws must be strictly adhered to. No aiming or shooting may be done without prior permission from the PH. Wounded animals will be pursued and dispatched by the PH. Any wounded animal will be charged as a kill. It is at the PH’s discretion if you may join the dispatch chase.
  • If any dangerous game (Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Buffalo and Hippo) is not killed outright by you. The PH. will immediately dispatch it. The PH looks after your safety and his trackers and if he therefore deems it unsafe, you may not take part in the chase.
  • Firearms will be kept unloaded, at all times, until the hunt commences. No alcoholic beverages will be served or consumed during or immediately after the hunt.
  • No refund will be made if safari is terminated, for any reasons.


  • Travel and medical insurance is recommended
  • If you need any additional information, your PH will assist you.
  • We undertake to exercise the most care and precaution to ensure our client’s safety.

Hunting Season

Our hunting season runs from 1st February until the end of October. Temperatures in winter (May to August) vary between 1°C in early morning to 25°C mid day. Spring and Autumn (September to November and February to April) varies between 15°C at night, and 30 to 38°C in the day

Terms Of Business

Terms of business for non-Republic of South-Africa residents

  • Booking is confirmed by a 50% deposit of the daily rate
  • Balance of the daily rate of duration of your safari is payable prior to commencement of your safari
  • Receipt of payments, indicating booking dates, will be immediately confirmed by fax or e-mail.
  • All deposits are non refundable in the event of cancellation 365 days, or less, prior to the date of commencement of safari. A 20% handling fee (on deposit) will be charged on cancellation
  • The deposit for dangerous game is 50% of total safari (including trophy fee) to confirm the hunt
  • Payments may be made in cash, traveller’s cheques, EFT (preferable). Credit cards are not accepted
  • All clients and observers are required to sign a Hezekiah Hunting Safari’s indemnity agreement before commencement of the safari
  • Trophy fees are payable on all killed or wounded and must be paid prior to departure from hunting camp
  • Day of arrival and departure is counted as 1 hunting day
  • Non hunting observers may be permitted to hunt animals with prior arrangement with Hezekiah Hunting Safari’s
  • Prices are subjected to change without prior notice to possible currency fluctuations. Prices on confirmed bookings are not subjected to change
  • All rifle scopes have to be tested and aligned on the shooting range before the hunt. It will give you the confidence and a feeling of readiness. From here it is what you came for, so relax and enjoy the hunt. Your host and PH will be to your assistance and help every minute of the day and night

Packing List

  • Camera, including extra memory card and spare batteries
  • Light weight binoculars, 7x35 or 8x32 will do
  • Day bag – small to medium for any extra personal items
  • Good flash light, extra batteries and glob
  • Sunscreen at least 30SPF the African sun can get hot
  • Good pair of sunglasses
  • Rifle cleaning kit as required for each caliber you bring
  • Good quality hunting knife